Interior balustrades

We construct unusual forms from steel, which are not only functional furnishings for the home, but most importantly are in sync with it. We offer a wide range of designs to suit different interior styles. We create steel balustrades ideal for modern and industrial spaces, richly decorated for design connoisseurs and classic forms for traditionalists. We design, manufacture and install powder-coated and stainless steel interior balustrades.

Steel structures

We are professionals, we specialize in the implementation of original interior balustrades, which are an integral part of the stairs and landings in the house, giving comfort and safety of use.

We are not afraid of challenges, and each project is preceded by the development of a concept for a balustrade that meets the highest standards of quality and safety and meets the expectations of the client.

We treat non-standard solutions and original ideas as a test for our competence, which has never yet failed.

Arts and crafts

Working with steel is an extremely difficult but also rewarding profession.

It allows you to creatively complement the arrangement of space with sophisticated steel forms, which are often a rarity of artistic blacksmithing.

The versatility of the structure, resistance and timeless chic of steel balustrades, allow them to be used for many years, without the need to follow fashion or the need for renovation.

We have been working with steel for two generations, we have the necessary experience, knowledge and professionals, so we can offer a wide range of designs to suit different interior styles.

We create interior steel balustrades dedicated to most styles, from interiors in arrangements ranging from classic and traditional, to modern, Scandinavian and loft, to sophisticated eclectic forms.

Steel is an extremely durable material, and its majestic elegance, is perfectly suited for many spaces. It allows any shape to be formed, and its exceptional resistance and versatility of applications is almost unlimited.

We undertake the most sublime projects.
We give the expected shape to steel, bringing out the maestry of this unusual material, which, depending on its form, can impress with its power or surprise with its finesse.

Interior balustrades made of steel, enjoy the interest and recognition of a wide range of customers.

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