Steel products for two generations

We have been cultivating a family tradition passed down from father to son since 1956.

We celebrate craftsmanship by ensuring the highest quality of steel products manufactured. We create out of passion and respect for the work, based on the experience we have gained over the years.

Our offer

We manufacture and install exterior and interior balustrades, staircases, fences, gates, steel structures, home and garden furniture, as well as service development projects. We invite you to take a look at our offer.

We will be happy to help tailor solutions that meet your expectations.


Fence lines designed by design designers


Balustrades for indoors and outdoors in stainless or powder-coated steel

Steel structures

Platforms, stairs and other steel structures including for industry

Handling construction projects

From concept to installation throughout Europe

Powder coating

Services are performed in a modern powder coating plant

Artistic blacksmithing

Blacksmith craftsmanship is a statement of a job well done, which with each passing year, becomes even more valuable. Many years of experience and professionalism of our blacksmiths, combined with the highest quality raw materials, is a guarantee of professional and reliable implementation of the entrusted investments.

Kozłowski Ireneusz

Family tradition obliges. There is no room for anonymity in a family business.

For the guarantee of quality, durability and professionalism of workmanship, vouchsafes the name of the owner.

Craftsmanship, years of experience, as well as confidence and meticulous execution of the order, are the elements that complete the uniqueness of our company.

Knowledge and experience

Our many years of experience and wide range of products, allows us to meet the expectations of the most demanding projects.

We will be happy to help you select the optimal solutions for your planned investment.

Learn about our offerings, see how we work and why we’re the best at what we do.

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