Powder coating

Thanks to a modern paint line, we use powder coating, which is of colossal importance for the resistance and visual considerations of the painted steel surfaces.

Powder-coated steel components show increased durability of coatings, against abrasion and varied weather conditions, and usually do not require repainting.

Undeniable advantages of powder coating are also incomparable to other methods, aesthetic qualities, giving a sense of sophistication and style.

Ecologically   economically

Powder coating is an excellent alternative to traditional painting methods also due to environmental, but also economic considerations.

Powder coating is extremely durable. In addition, thanks to the powdered form, much of the dye can be recovered.

The powder coating process does not use solvents or thinners, and powdered paints do not emit fumes of organic compounds.

Precision manufacturing

Powder coating means exceptional durability of the coating and a nod to environmental protection.

Powder coating also allows, for extreme precision in the application of colors to steel parts, even those hard to reach, providing a stunning end result.

Of great importance in achieving this effect, however, is the process of mechanical cleaning of the metal, namely shot blasting. Only by meticulously cleaning and preparing the part for painting proper, you can be guaranteed a flawless final coat.

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