About Us

Our company was founded in 1956, out of a passion for the craft of artistic blacksmithing. With great passion and full commitment, we cultivate the tradition of the family trade, passing it from father to son.

The foundation of our business is artisan blacksmithing, which was mainly based on shoeing horses and fitting iron wagons. With the changing needs of our customers and market trends, our business has evolved over the years.

We are currently engaged in architectural blacksmithing and locksmithing.

We create balustrades, staircases, gates, fences, garden furniture and realize individual projects of our customers.

Our experience and knowledge in the production of steel products, backed by precision and craftsmanship, have paid off over the years with the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

High quality

We carry out orders from individual clients, construction and development companies and sacred institutions.

Our products are handmade by skilled blacksmiths who are experienced and passionate about the art of craftsmanship.

We choose excellent quality steel, which allows us to provide a guarantee of durability and aesthetics of workmanship.

We offer a variety of manufacturing styles for our products, providing a wide range of choices for those seeking simple forms through those full of finesse and sophistication, to classics that suit the needs of those who celebrate traditional solutions.

An important asset of our business is our own paint shop, so that we powder coat the manufactured products.

A personalized approach

We know that the needs of our customers sometimes vary. Sometimes their final shape is formed after many hours of talking and listening, in search of the optimal solution. All this so that the end result can delight.

en We understand this, and we appreciate it, because it allows us to create exceptional things for exceptional people.

Comprehensive execution

To meet the growing expectations of our customers, we offer comprehensive services in the implementation of steel railings and fences.

We are engaged in the design, production and installation of investments, so that at the first stage of cooperation, we can accurately determine the needs of our customers to optimally meet them in further implementation.

Quality and elegance

If you are looking for an elegant and durable solution for your home or garden, we invite you to take advantage of our offer.