Line A

A-Line fences, thanks to the use of vertical steel shapes, visually similar to lamellas, allow to achieve an unusual effect of elegance and sophistication.

The horizontal slope of steel, at the top of the span, emphasizes the novelty jam, adds character and mannerism, marking the original pattern of the fence.

Line A steel fences are ideal for lovers of classic solutions with a touch of individualism.

  • Approximate price of materials: 0,00 
  • Price per mb: 1150,00 

Steel span

The span made of steel, is undoubtedly a future-proof solution among property fences. All this is due to the extraordinary properties of this metal, among which the most important are resistance to heavy loads and durability against diverse weather conditions, which translates into long-term use without the need for renewal.

The solid construction of the span and the simple way of connecting, allows you to quickly and efficiently install the individual segments of the fence, which is an additional advantage of our steel fences.

Steel the raw material of the future

Steel is an alloy of iron, carbon and other doped metals that determine its properties.

The difference between steel and strong iron is small and is determined by the carbon content.

The main features of the steel are extraordinary mechanical resistance, resistance to acids and tolerance of a wide temperature amplitude.

It also has the advantage of resilience and incredible shapeability.

Steel is also a 100% recyclable raw material, and can be recycled many times without loss of quality. It is also worth noting that its processing is energy-efficient, and it is easily recoverable.

These factors allow us to assume that steel products will settle for a long time among the most popular structural and construction materials, and the scope of its use will constantly expand.

Sliding gate

Sliding gate is a proposal for enthusiasts of innovative and modern solutions, for whom functionality is of considerable importance.

Steel sliding gates are a popular way of securing the entrance to a backyard area, which, in addition to its visual appeal, is also extremely convenient to use. This is because the leaf of the sliding gate, is placed on the support rail, so that, it allows you to quickly open it with a single stroke of the hand.

Sliding gate is also an excellent solution when the space in front of the gate is severely limited, making it impossible to install classic opening gate leaves.

Tilt gate

The swing gate, is most often chosen by traditionalists and lovers of classic solutions, who appreciate typical methods of use without unnecessary concepts.

The leaves of the swing gate are placed on sturdy steel posts by means of hinges, located in the axis of the gate, so that they tilt sideways in the traditional way. The swing gate is built of two symmetrical parts, one of which is locked with a bolt.

A swing gate requires more space, which is necessary for comfortable opening and closing, and needs more effort during use. Nevertheless, classic gates with traditionally opening wings are considered more attractive and refined.


Gate automation is a very convenient and practical solution that allows maintenance-free use of the gates to the property.

Reliable operation of the gate operators we offer is guaranteed by safeguards against prevailing temperature amplitudes and varying weather conditions, both in winter, such as frost, wind and snow, and in summer, such as rain, heat or high humidity.

The functionality of our drives, is also complemented by their impeccable appearance, which perfectly harmonizes with our entrance gates.

Steel fences Ireneusz Kozlowski

Thanks to the natural properties of steel, we create comprehensive, secure and safe fences dedicated to households.

Fences that outline a specific area of private space to which only a few have access.

Among our proposals are spans, sliding and opening gates and entrance gates, which create a harmonious whole to secure the space of the home retreat.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer innovative solutions to ensure maintenance-free use, thanks to the automation of entrance gates.

Ireneusz Kozlowski steel fencing systems are the highest quality steel, which serves for years, is an excellent design, thanks to the work of design experts and, finally, our greatest pride – the craftsmanship of experienced blacksmiths, which we have cultivated for two generations.

Steel fences Ireneusz Kozlowski is the certainty of a well-conducted investment and one hundred percent satisfaction with its use.

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