Line B

B Line fences are characterized by an extremely simple, yet sublime design, which impresses with consistently ordered rows of steel.

The highest quality steel and precise finishing, allow you to enjoy your choice of our fences for many years.

B Line steel fences perfectly meet the needs of those who bridle between modern and minimalist tastes, where uniform forms and methodical shapes, are the mainstream of style.

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Steel span

A steel fence span is a well-thought-out solution, which, thanks to its unique attributes, remains unaffected by changing meteorological conditions including a large amplitude of temperatures. In addition, steel is a raw material highly resistant to mechanical damage, so it is one of the main materials for the production of demanding structures.

Our steel spans are designed so that their installation is easy, fast and trouble-free, an important feature when replacing an old fence with a new one.

The extraordinary strength of steel

Steel is a material formed from an alloy of iron, carbon and various admixtures of metals, to which it owes its extraordinary properties.

The extraordinary strength of steel is manifested primarily by its strong resistance to mechanical damage, and it shows indifference to extreme weather conditions.

Steel is recyclable, without losing quality, and can be fully recycled.

These attributes of steel unequivocally prove that it is a proven and unrivaled material, for which it is futile to look for an alternative. Steel utility components are an excellent investment for many long years.

Sliding gate

The sliding gate is most often chosen by customers for whom innovative and functional solutions are the primary factor of choice.

The steel sliding gate gives considerable comfort during use, as a single sweep of the hand is enough for the sliding gate rail to go into motion. It is also a capital solution when the space within the installation of the gate is limited. This is because the sliding gate moves along the line of the fence spans.

The sliding gate is often chosen by lovers of modern and simple forms, especially if it complements the area of modern buildings.

Tilt gate

The up-and-over gate is a proposition mainly for enthusiasts of classic solutions for whom traditional forms of use are of the greatest value. In addition, swing gates are considered more impressive and tasteful, compared to sliding gates.

The tilt gate is formed by two proportional sashes, located by means of hinges on steel poles, which makes it possible to open it sideways. In the traditional form, one leaf, is locked with a bolt, in gates with a drive, this function is resolved automatically.

Unlike sliding gates, the swing gate requires more space to ensure trouble-free maneuvering of the leaves during use, which sometimes limits the possibility of its installation.


Automated gates for entering a property, are gaining in popularity every year.

The reason for this is not only the possibility of comfortable unattended use of the gate, but also the chance to save time, currently so scarce.

Automation of gates with the help of drives offered by us means certainty, reliability and convenience of use. The drives have protective covers, which protect them from varying meteorological conditions.

The aesthetic design of the drives, correlates visually with the fencing systems we offer, which is an additional advantage.

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